We’re here for you. and your skin.

Ossa Skinworks is for anyone who wants healthier, more radiant skin. 

We approach skin care from multiple angles—the science of the craft, meticulous technique, and a learning mindset—to give you effective, gratifying treatments and self-care experiences. Fueled by curiosity and joy, our team is passionate about delivering the highest quality skin care services to people in Olympia and throughout the South Sound.

As skin care practitioners, we not only nurture your skin, we nurture you. Our facials and other services help you resolve skin issues—such as dryness, dullness, acne, and rosacea—so you can be more fully, confidently yourself. Our studio is always a space where you can express your needs, ask questions, and relax under our care

Monique Ossa




Monique founded Ossa Skinworks because she wanted to provide people in the Olympia area with deeply nourishing skin care using evidence-based technology and methods that produce tangible results. She provides our full range of facials, chemical peels, dermaplaning, nanoneedling, microneedling, and more. She is our skin consultation expert.

Monique’s business is founded on an education-based approach that empowers people to make the best decisions they can for healthy, beautiful skin.

“I understand that we are holistic beings,” Monique says. “Our skin is a reflection of our diet, stress levels, genetics, and natural environment. I believe that if we make changes to positively influence life habits, skin health and beauty will follow.”

Monique has extensive experience, both as a licensed master esthetician and a licensed master esthetics instructor. Her outlook, as both a skin care practitioner and as a person, is a blend of science and nature. She pursued an education in the health sciences field and worked in infectious disease, a solid foundation from which to analyze the many skin care products and services on the market. The products, treatments, and services she practices always line up with the science.

She also has a background in wellness, first as the child of a gardener and herbalist and later as a Reiki and Healing Touch practitioner. 

As an instructor, Monique uses a needs-based approach that takes each student’s learning style into consideration. Her students describe her as generous, clear, authentic, full of curiosity, and a master of the craft. 

When she’s not at the studio, Monique enjoys gardening, traveling with her husband, Justin, and cooking, dancing, playing, and reading with her daughter, Asha

Glynesh (GG) Rivera


GG offers a full range of facials at Ossa Skinworks, including chemical peels, microcurrent, microneedling, and other advanced services. She has a particular affinity for modern machinery and how it overlaps with skincare, especially  ultrasonic services, and high-frequency treatments. She is also a certified sugaring specialist.

Her specialty fits well with her personality. Growing up, GG was fascinated with science. (She was the kid who wanted a microscope for Christmas.) Later, she transferred that enthusiasm to makeup, learning all she could from watching tutorials online. She decided she wanted to be a makeup artist.

But her life changed when she heard this phrase: “Your makeup will only look as good as your skin looks.” That put her on the esthetician’s path, one that happily blends her love of science with her love of the beauty industry. Ironically, she notes, she hardly wears makeup anymore, preferring the look of super healthy skin.

GG and her husband are big movie and music fans. They unwind at weekend concerts, going to an eclectic range of shows, everything from Swedish alt pop to underground hip hop to psychedelic soul. They also spend time playing outside with all 11 pounds of their mini dachshund, Hazey.